We have all heard that exercise is an important component to our long term health. Things like running, swimming, and other types of cardio exercise are good for our cardiovascular system. What about our muscles? A lot of you have probably heard that muscle is your metabolic engine. The more muscle mass you have the more calories your body burns throughout the day. These days there are so many different theories on how to build muscle. Most of them depend on how much muscle you want and why you are doing it. Whatever the reason, it will require some or a lot of resistance on the muscle. How hard you train will determine how much recovery time your body will need. I say this to clients on a daily basis. It’s always better to weight train then not to. However, if you aren’t allowing your muscles, tendons, joints the proper time to recover and always keeping a preventative mindset, then it’s only a matter of time until something gives. How do we keep a preventative mindset? Hydration, proper nutrition, and stretching are a good start. What about massage and bodywork?? Massage done right can help increase performance, speed up recovery time, and keep proper muscle balance and structural alignment throughout the body. Injury prevention will keep you on your feet for you next work helping your each your fitness goals more efficiently. Massage and Bodywork are a huge component to preventing unnecessary downtime due to overworked muscle or injuries.Please hit us up with any questions you may have about how massage can help you.