Runner’s knee is a common overuse injury.  There are several different reasons it may occur.  Runner’s knee most often happens when your patella(kneecap) is not in proper alignment.  Over time, the carriage on your patella can wear down.  When this occurs, you may feel pain around the patella, particularly when going up or down stairs, sitting for a long time with the knee bent, or when squatting.  You should not just suck it up and keep going when you feel knee pain.  If it is due to misalignment of the knee cap it can lead to further damage and cause permanent problems.  Rest and recovery are huge components when it comes to running injuries or for any injury.  Ice, elevation and stretching can also help  Combining strength training into your exercise routine is very important.  Lastly, for runners, proper sports massage can help keep balance in the muscles and prevent misalignment, aid in recovery, and allow you to slowly increase performance.  Exercise is a great way to take care of your boy and prolong long term health.  However, if you overwork it and don’t allow the muscles the proper recovery, it will lead to injury.